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Fashionably Healthy

We're all about looking and feeling great both inside and out. We're conscious about what we wear as well as what we eat. We're also avid thrifters and all about reusing and upcycling! Reuse twist top containers for breakfast on the go or mid-day snacks. Don't be afraid to play with colors and textures with your food. Our berry medley (as pictured) is easy to make, very pretty and great for you! Here's a a bunch of berries first thing in the morning before eating anything else - your tummy will thank you!

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The Return of Brooklyn Stone Boutique

When Brooklyn Stone Boutique closed it’s doors in 2012, I truly believed the ride was over. I laid the boutique to rest and removed all aspects of it from my life. For many months, I never gave it a second guess. Change and growth are apart of life’s magic! I believed my purpose had changed and I was moving on to a new path…But life’s funny. You think you know, but you usually have NO IDEA! When I opened Brooklyn Stone Boutique, I had an idea and was determined to bring it to fruition – and I did! It was HARD work but mentally stimulating and fulfilling. And when it was over, I missed the euphoric feeling I experienced at the...

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