The Return of Brooklyn Stone Boutique

When Brooklyn Stone Boutique closed it’s doors in 2012, I truly believed the ride was over. I laid the boutique to rest and removed all aspects of it from my life. For many months, I never gave it a second guess. Change and growth are apart of life’s magic! I believed my purpose had changed and I was moving on to a new path…But life’s funny. You think you know, but you usually have NO IDEA!

When I opened Brooklyn Stone Boutique, I had an idea and was determined to bring it to fruition – and I did! It was HARD work but mentally stimulating and fulfilling. And when it was over, I missed the euphoric feeling I experienced at the boutique but I found new happiness in my much needed “free-time” and family time.

In 2015, Brooklyn Stone Boutique found me. While on my Macbook, I had a moment of clarity. I stopped typing and thought about recent conversations, activities, and things random people said to me. There was a reoccurring theme that I was ignoring…. Brooklyn Stone Boutique was alive and preparing for a return! It was such an epiphany!

I believe holistically I am a better person today than I was then. Everyday is a new day of life and opportunity. I am now blessed with the opportunity to offer you…Brooklyn Stone Boutique – online retail shopping, personal shopping and wardrobe consulting services, curated vintage and thrift items, home decor and antique furniture.

The results are always better when you’re doing what you love. I love Brooklyn Stone Boutique and I’m ready to shop for you!


Regina, Founder & Owner of Brooklyn Stone Boutique